Aspects of How Germany Got to be a Giant Economic Engine Essay examples

Aspects of How Germany Got to be a Giant Economic Engine Essay examples

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The Federal Republic of Germany has been an economic giant since the late 1950s, even though it remained a political dwarf in world affairs until the reunification. Germany, after World War II, was devastated. It had been bombed day and night, it had high inflation, regular goods were part of a underground black market, it had to make reparation payments and while at the same time fix its economy and try to repair international relations with its neighbors, the division of the country by the allies dismembered the nation. The Cold War and the Mutual Assured Destruction added to the chaos.
Currently, Germany enjoys great prosperity and the rest of the european nations look after Germany for help, leadership and hope. How did Germany got to be this giant economic engine? Who were the actors of such amazing success? Germany was able to handle postwar conditions, rebuilt and become an economic giant because it had great leadership from Ludwig Erhard and his persistent belief on a free market with some level of socialism. Combine with help from the Marshall Plan and the currency reform of 1948 and the constant backing from the United States to make Germany strong to show off the wonders of a free market economy. Those factors helped Germany to get rid of debt, rebuild trust on its currency and march into a new decade with a better economy even after the horrors of World War II.
According to David Schoenbaum, the Germans enjoyed the best of at least three worlds “The Federal Republic [was] the keystone of the NATO alliance and the European Community... and it [was] the beneficiary-participant in numerous bilateral pacts with the United States, France and the Soviet Union” 1. After the Soviet Union was successful on testing a nuc...

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