The Aspects Of A Self Directed Learner Essay

The Aspects Of A Self Directed Learner Essay

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The Many Aspects of Learning
The essential aspects of a self-directed learner require a person to be able to obtain the information they need in an effective way. A necessity of a self-directed learner is to be self-sufficient and motivated with a desire to learn. They need to be organized and proficient in their studies. An Intrinsically motivated learner shows competency. They take enjoyment in harder tasks and are motivated by the challenges of finding the answer. They utilize the knowledge they obtain on a regular basis. Intrinsically motivated learners typically undertake projects for the challenge and knowledge rather than rewards or self-gain. An active learner can be compared to the people used to describe the Blooms taxonomy learning methods. Active learners participate in knowledge, skills and attitudes. Active learners learn by doing, they read, subsequently write about what they read and finally proceed by discussing what they read. They learn by doing.
As a self-motivated learner, I feel I show strength in multiple aspects, but two that I will touch on are taking the initiative and the capability of self-discipline. When it comes to taking the initiative, I feel I do this well. With online learning I feel this is an especially significant skill to have, as without it a student will not stay on point and may become lost in the work they are required to perform. As a self-directed learner a student must find and utilize the tools they need to get the task done. Taking online classes through the UoPeople I know it is vital to also maintain self-discipline. Currently working full time and having a family makes it tough to be in school, however, through self-discipline I am able to complete my work on time and be successf...

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... to the five strategies I’ve listed for self-growth, I feel I will need to assess myself as a whole through self-discipline and complete honesty, to be successful I need to recognize where I fell short and determine whether positive changes were made. To help ensure I will stick to these 5 strategies, first I will print this list and keep it by my desk at work and by my bathroom mirror at home, as a result I’ll have a daily reminder. I will become further accountable for the decisions I render. Furthermore, I have to engage in self-discipline seeing as at the conclusion of the day the only one that can be held responsible for my actions and the decisions I make is me. Having determination to live an enriched lifestyle is the sole motivation I need, knowing my goals and sticking to them will allow me to be a better person and will improve the lives of those around me.

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