Asian Student 's Math Test Essay

Asian Student 's Math Test Essay

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An Asian student sits in class, anxiously waiting for the teacher to pass back the math exam the class took the day before. The teacher comes by and places the graded math test on the desk face down. The Asian student flips the test over and sees a 68% written in red ink across the top of the exam. Another student leans over and peers at the Asian student’s math test. “68%?” the other student exclaims. “Wait, I got a higher score that you?! But, aren’t you supposed to be good at math?”

In the world of today, many students have experiences a scenario similar to this one -- a situation in which others hold some type of misconception about the student. Specifically, AAPIs (Asian, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders) have experienced these type of fallacies, particularly in the education system. The AAPI community is not often seen because they do not completely fit into the Black/White binary. In the current education system, AAPIs are often racialized and labeled as the “model minority”. How then, does the concept of the “model minority” affect AAPIs in education? This ideology has various negative consequences for the AAPI community, both in terms of educational achievement and access, thus not only upholding but also heightening the idea of white privilege. These stereotypes may be the direct and indirect root for struggle experienced by AAPIs. These stereotypes may also correlate to an AAPI’s experience of stereotype threat, which impacts an AAPI’s ability to not only gain access to higher education, but to also remain retained on their journey to graduation.
Education, especially in terms of achievement and opportunity, can often determine the course of an individual’s life in many aspects. According to the Bu...

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...on this social hierarchy occurs through two linked, simultaneous processes. “Relative valorization” is the first process, which is the manner in which a dominant group (Whites) restrains a lower group (AAPIs) relative to another lower group (Blacks). Whites are able to restrain the lower groups through both racial and cultural grounds in order to remain superior. The second process in racial triangulation is “civic ostracism” which is the process in which the dominant group (Whites) label an inferior group (Blacks) as foreign and
Inassimilable with Whites based on racial grounds in order to exclude them from civic membership” (Kim, 1999). This concept of racial triangulation is dangerous because not only does it alienate AAPIs for being foreign and inassimilable, it also segregates the minority groups away from one another and further proliferates white supremacy.

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