The Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach Essay

The Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach Essay

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Next, the Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach focuses on the mental aspect of trafficked victims educating the victims and then guide them back into a normal lifestyle. The outreach mainly focuses on mental health as well as provide counseling. Malaysia has always tried to better their education. It is what happened the nation grow in the top 25% of exporters in the world. The Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach supplemented with the education system, reduce the amount of victims being trafficked to the country.

Furthermore, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) provide shelter to the victims in need all other the Asian areas. CAST has been always in coordination with the government agencies that struggle with the basic necessities for life. Cambodia benefits from CAST significantly.

Human trafficking is present in both developed and underdeveloped countries. The developed countries, such as China, however, have the advantage to use their resources in order to lower the amount of victims that are trafficked. Another analysis of these four countries shows an interesting pattern. All four countries have trouble stopping the trafficking of females for sexual slaves. Countries have trouble implementing the international laws. Since the United Nations cannot set a guideline for a government, it hard to find a solution for every country because each area is unique. This political problem can only be addressed once all countries adapt to rules, laws and norms set by the United Nations thus becoming organized.

China is one of the biggest destination country for human trafficked victims. The victims are usually trafficked for forced marriages and sex. There are over 5,000 alleged human trafficking gro...

... middle of paper ...

... the offenders, all forms of organizations can put a halt to the crime.

International human trafficking and international human smuggling affect almost all nations around the world. However, the solution starts within every country. Once the push factors are eliminated, people would have no reason to seek wealth or happiness anywhere else, causing the smugglers and traffickers to go out of business.Human development and aid are key components to solving this issue. I strongly believe that the laws that are implemented right now are adequate however, not every country has the wealth to deal with the mentioned issues. There is not enough funding to promote the end of human trafficking. The funds of the United Nations, nongovernmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations should be invested towards helping the low income areas build a better government.

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