The Asian Education System versus the U.S. System Essay

The Asian Education System versus the U.S. System Essay

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According to the World Rank Research Team, Japan is at the top of industrial advances that lead to a very high amount of patents in the country (211). Japan is overtaking America in producing new inventions and conducting scientific research (World Rank Research Team 211). Producing and creating new inventions are the results of very productive, smart individuals, who had a great education throughout their school careers. The Asian education system is known world-wide for having many advantages compared to others like the United States. But they also share their own disadvantages. The United States education system is great to a certain extent, but not very efficient. According to William S. Robinson in “New Math-Science Study Rates U.S. Students Mediocre at Best,” “American students [are] doing worse as they move from the 4th to the 8th grades” and that “12th-grade performance is abysmal”. All of this indicates that the American education system is insufficient which causes poor performance in college and the workforce. I believe that the United States should take some ideas from the Asian education system, and apply them to our system, in order to create an improved educational system using the best concepts from both countries.
As students of the American education system, we like to think that it is the best in the world, but in reality it is not. The roots of this problem come from home; Robinson claims the home environment of students reflects tremendously on their academic success. Robinson also states “the best students [have] plenty of books, [dictionaries], and various study aids…” I believe the problem of not having an education-friendly home environment is crucial for students of all ages because I have experienced it ...

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...ive us a chance to catch up to Japan in creating new inventions for the world. Holding the largest amount of pending patents in the world, would mean that America holds smart and efficient individuals. We have to build a strong education system in order to start leading the world with patents. As soon as that happens, we will have the chance to be the greatest country in the world like we once were.

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