Asian Americans And Values Around Academic Achievement Essay

Asian Americans And Values Around Academic Achievement Essay

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The topic being investigated in this paper relates to Asian Americans and values around their academic achievement. This cultural group is made up of individuals from any Asian country that have migrated to the United States. For purposes of this paper, differences between first-generation and second-generation are not considered, although there may exist differences between these two groups. Academic achievement is an important issue in regards to this population due to a strong cultural emphasis on education (Kim & Chun, 1994). This paper would like to explore that pressure and see how it compares to non-Asian Americans, if possible.
This topic is significant to research because Asian Americans make up about 5.6 percent of the population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2015). Oftentimes, Asian Americans students are held to higher standards than other students due to the belief that Asian Americans are studious and gifted. This could be potentially disruptive as it can create undue stress on the student to live up to the expectations others have set for them. Furthermore, in Asian culture, success or achievement is tied to self-esteem (Tang, 2008). When one suffers in academics, it is likely that their self-esteem will also be affected. Home life could also suffer as Asian American caregivers chastise their children for not doing better in their academics.
This topic is also important to explore as Asian American students will eventually become part of adult society. They will bring along not only their successes and achievements, but they will internalize their motivation and drive. It is also possible they may project these expectations onto non-Asian Americans, which could be difficult for non-Asian Americans to recognize and live up ...

... middle of paper ... in silence. Research findings do not appear to be contradictory. Despite the breadth of research performed in this area, there are gaps in it. One such gap is limited knowledge in comparing achievement or attitudes around education between Asian Americans and non-Asian Americans. There did exist literature that compared attitudes with behaviors within Asian Americans, though.
This proposed study can continue this previous work that one study did to compare European Americans to Asian Americans on academic achievement. Additionally, effects on self-esteem based off academic achievement can be studied in the proposed research. This research study would like to a) compare European Americans to Asian Americans on academic success, b) elaborate on values of what is deemed success and failure for these two groups, and c) assess self-esteem as it pertains to education.

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