Asbestos Removal from Old Structures Essay

Asbestos Removal from Old Structures Essay

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A contractor is renovating an old building into apartments. As he tears down existing drywall he notices there is Asbestos inside the walls. Asbestos is very deadly when it is airborne and since this is intended to be a home for families with small children it must be removed. This research paper is going to talk about the hazards of Asbestos. It may cause and how to remove it and talk about what Asbestos is.
Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that has been used in many different things. It was first used around the 1879 in Quebec Canada.* It was used a great deal until the 1980`s when it was determined that it caused throat and lung cancer.*

The most common way that Asbestos was used was in insulation. Is was used in house`s in the floor tiles which you could get in all different kinds. And it was used in the walls to keep in warm in the house the main reason is was used in the walls was cause it didnt cause fires it protected house`s from fires but since it was found to cause cancer they try not ot used it in house. But it was also used in public schools in there floor tiles and ceiling tiles as well and on the pipes in the ceiling. Asbestos is also used in apartment buildings in pretty much the same as house`s and public schools. It is used in the floor tiles and in the pipes in the ceiling. Asbestos was used in pretty much every building from the time period of 1879 when they first found it to the early 1980`s when they found out that it causes many different kinds of cancer. And the reason they used asbestos in houses or in all the stuff they put asbestos in was they believed that in would prevent things from catching on fire.*

There are very many hazards when using Asbestos. One of the hazards in using Asbestos is that it...

... middle of paper ...

...from those items*.

The last step in removing the asbestos is getting rid of it. It can only be disposed at approved landfills. You must call your state’s department of environmental Quality to find out where these are located and the fees that will be charged*.

In conclusion, Asbestos is very dangerous to humans and can be found in many common buildings and items that are used each day. It also costs four dollars to remove every cubic yard if you hire a contractor to remove it. It very expensive because of the deadly risks involved in the process of removal. If you are a contractor and you are renovating an older structure be aware the asbestos that could be found in the building. If you run into asbestos don’t just keep working because it is very deadly when airborne, call a licensed asbestos abatement contract to do the removal properly and safely.

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