Essay on As Visible Security is Increased in Schools, Student Performance Slips

Essay on As Visible Security is Increased in Schools, Student Performance Slips

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“The public needs to be moved away fro the idea that the criminal justice system can provide the answer to crime. Indeed, our responses to crime often exacerbate the problem.” Matthew Campbell, Former Assistant State’s Attorney, Ellicott City, MD.

Despite the passing of Brown versus Board of Education in the 1954, inequality in education still persists and the long term implications have damaging economic impacts especially for minority populations. There is a large body of literature that addresses the long-term effect of education inequality that persist over one's life. Increased education is associated with higher income and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), high school dropouts earn less than $500 weekly, high school degree earners make 650 and individuals with a bachelors earn over $1000.00 weekly. In addition, unemployment is progressively lower as education levels increase; 12.4% unemployment rate for high and only a 3.5% unemployment rate for Masters degree holders. Education affects the family structure. Lower education rates are associated with the higher rates of unwed mothers. High school dropouts account for two-thirds of births to unwed mothers and women who attend college are only 9% likely to be unwed mothers at birth (Kennedy and Bumpass 2007). Higher levels of education improves not only improves the outlook for the individual, but also the community and the nation (Abbott 2002). Higher rates of education are associated with lower incarceration rates and decreased mortality. Students who score higher on standardized tests in 10th grade are more likely to complete college than those who score poorly (Hauser 2002).
Literature Review and Solutions
Education inequ...

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