The As A Reliable System Essay

The As A Reliable System Essay

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Throughout time, small amount of people worked together to obtain the bare minimum for survival then the agricultural revolution occurred. Multiple societies began to develop where some were more advanced and sophisticated, plants and animals were domesticated, population increased, specialization developed with the pursuance of more advanced social and economic ideas, a system of writing emerged basically creating a more complex society. To accommodate this new society, a reliable system is in great need- a system that would establish order while simultaneously allowing the society to flourish. The most effective method to govern such complex society is the socio-religious and ethical systems of the Ancient Egyptians- a well-internalized moral code, the negative confessions. It achieved stability by protecting the weak, became prosperous through the value of animals and protection of commerce which was possible due to the internalization belief of the afterlife as well as instilling fear, it decimates outside invasion through assimilation or conversion, and eradicating human nature....

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