The As A Benevolent Fictional Character With Superhuman Powers Essay examples

The As A Benevolent Fictional Character With Superhuman Powers Essay examples

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Why are policemen the people society fears most but the first ones they run to when in desperate need of help? Society has been built upon the basis that when any type of crime occurs, it is the policemen’s problem to solve. It seems to be a typical and habitual response-call 911 and let them come to rescue; but when a policeman is on the opposite side of the spectrum, that thought process quickly changes. Policemen are commonly referred to as superheroes; some refer to them as the villains, and the rest of society thinks there must be a way to figure out the truth.
Superhero: a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers–or a very heroic person. In some cases, there is no difference between the two meanings and when it comes to policemen, they are easily classified under both. When deciding what to do in life, policemen voluntarily chose an occupation that by it’s very nature places them in harm 's way, something that is expected of superheroes. When others run and take cover at the sound of gunfire and the danger of violence, it is a policemen’s job to go and face it (Trace, 2015). Everyday, police officers are attacked, disabled, or murdered on the job because they are the barrier between good and evil. Many law enforcement officers are permanently disabled because of this and in response, most officers face a difficult physical and emotional recovery process. It is not uncommon that the injured officers cannot or aren’t able to return to work (Ruecker, 2008).
Every police officer that has a family back at home is sacrificing more than most people could even believe. Not only do they put their lives in jeopardy, their families are also sacrificing part of their own lives too. In a letter written to his children, M...

... middle of paper ... is in front of him, failing to record what he might be witnessing (Weaver, 2015). There are many loopholes in the technology and policies of body cameras, but it is safe to say that this is becoming the new reality for many police departments around the nation.
Policemen are easily defined as being superheroes because of the heroic characteristics that they portray through their bravery and courage; others view them as being the villain of the town, full of evil and malicious tendencies, while the rest believe that the only way to determine the difference is through the use of body cameras. Take away the uniform, the gun, the badge that says police, and the hat that symbolizes law enforcement, and underneath it all is a simple and ordinary human who just like everyone else is just trying to survive in this crazy world. Why accuse the man in a cape with a badge?

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