Essay on Arts in Public Schools

Essay on Arts in Public Schools

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Arts in Public Schools
All around the United States, art programs are being cut out of the budget in public schools. The arts include dance, band, chorus, theatre, film, drawing, painting, photography and literary arts. Some school board members feel these art programs are not necessary and do not benefit the students in any way. Elementary, middle, and high school students are forced to quit their passion and feel that their talents are not supported by their schools. Although many are not aware, there is a strong connection between arts education and academic achievement. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in many public schools, the art classes are first on the list to be cut. It is important that the students, parents and teachers fight for their desire to keep the arts in public schools. Art programs in public schools are essential to the development of young minds; therefore the school boards should enhance and improve the programs and should not cut funding or force a class to be discontinued.
There are many positive aspects associated with the arts and it is important people are aware of these benefits. According to Smithrim and Opitis, “reported benefits of the arts include the development of the imagination (Greene, 1995), greater motivation to learn (Csikszentmihalyi, 1997), increased student creativity, lower dropout rates, and increased social skills (Catterall, 1998; Luftig, 1995)” (110). These advantages can possibly set a student up for am extremely successful life. They should be embraced and utilized as opposed to overlooked and unmentioned.
It is proven that girls and boys that have taken or are taking classes within the art department have a higher success rate in their core academic classes. According to “...

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