Artist Ri A Unique Up And Coming Artist Essay

Artist Ri A Unique Up And Coming Artist Essay

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Artist Ria also known as Ria, is a unique up and coming artist that is most known for putting her art on small post-it notes and drawing with acrylic paint. Artist Ria is wife and mother, born and raised in New York City. Although Artist Ria has never been to art school, she has been drawing at the early age of four years old. Her style usually consists of afro-art, however, she also does a lot of abstract art as well. Ria doesn’t use art subjects, but sometimes she uses references of photography work to inspire her drawings. Many of her paintings represent common things in our everyday lives and usually have meaningful titles. She feels that the inspiration for all of her work reflects from her love for God, her family and marriage. She claims that many of her artwork only takes about fifteen minutes to a month depending on how difficult she feels the piece will be. Artist Ria explains that her inspiration comes from an artist named Ernie Barnes. Ernie Barnes started off as just a young boy in North Carolina and ended up becoming a professional football player. Soon he accomplished the title of being awarded “Sports Artist of the Year. ” After that, he started drawing pieces for album covers for artists such as BB King and Marvin Gaye. Ria said that when viewing his artwork, you can realistically imagine being a part of the setting through the colours and his true emanating talent.
The reason that I like Ria’s art is because I can relate to it. I have always had a love for art but I’ve never fulfilled my passion by putting in all the hard work, motivation and effort. To know that many of her art pieces are completed on a small post it notes makes her art seems effortless yet so beautiful and meaningful. The colors and abstract s...

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... played with sharpie coloring for a very long time and has mastered it enough to create jaw-dropping urban pieces of well-known subjects like cartoon characters and Disney princesses. There are many people that inspire Markus as an artist including, Norman Rockwell, Patrick Nagel, Akira Toriyama because of his love for Dragon Ball Z as a child and he even looks up to Banksy.
I like Markus Prime’s work because he is an artist that appreciates the natural beauty in things. When he draws, many of his subjects vary in physical characteristics and attributes; however, he makes all of his drawings powerful and inspiring for ethnic women of the world. One of his most famous pieces, as well as my most favorite is his “Vanity Slave” piece that shows the struggles of black women and how society constantly tries to shape them into it’s stereotypes of what defines beauty today.

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