Artificial Intelligence Is Growing Up Fast Essay

Artificial Intelligence Is Growing Up Fast Essay

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A.I. Dilemma
Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver. (Diane Ackerman) The moral dilemma of having robots with A.I. has been a topic on many people 's minds, and corresponding to An Article Posted On “The Atlantic”, They Concluded, “ machines are likely to take over 47 percent of today’s jobs within a few decades.” (par2) And other people disagree with A.I. because they are programmed to have feelings and that’s not genuine. according to the article “ Pros and Cons of A.I.” One of the main cons is explained as follows “A large concern of artificial intelligence is their lack of compassion and sympathy. If these robots are introduced into fields such as healthcare, how can we ensure the patients and customers comfort?” ( par4) However having A.I. might actually be a good thing when it comes to the workforce, as stated in the Article by “Pros Of Artificial Intelligence”, “Having A.I. will be more cost efficient for businesses and robots can do many things that humans can 't”. And in the Article by the New Yorker “The Lowe’s Robot and the Future of Service Work” “robots can theoretically also help to create jobs. If cars made with robots can be sold more cheaply, that could lead to higher auto sales and more jobs for car lot attendants; if the Lowe’s robots get more people shopping at Orchard, Lowe’s may well need to hire more humans to handle the additional sales volume, not to mention the potential benefits for the company’s suppliers.” (par9) A.I. should be introduced into the workforce because A.I Can assist people in offices, can guide customers through stores, and A.I. can help disabled kids learn.

Primarily, A....

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...obs, as it 's only really replacing ticket machines; and with humans being required to maintain and fix the machines, it has in fact created more jobs than before. As well as this, repair workers must be even more skilled if they are required to fix robots rather than just ticket and vending machines.” Robots will not steal jobs but create jobs for humans to work side by side, machine and man working together to get the job done. without humans fixing what 's been broken the robots won 't be able to do their job correctly.

Robots with A.I. will be a positive change in the workforce because they can aid people in the office, they can lead customers around the store, and can benefit the learning of children with disabilities. Whether we 're ready or not robots are becoming a reality, and it’s up to us to adapt and evolve with the times.

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