Artificial Intelligence in a Near Future Essay

Artificial Intelligence in a Near Future Essay

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Technologies and intelligent machines have invaded our world. Sophisticated technology has fascinated people, professionals, students, and children. Modern life emboldens computers’ daily use. Presently, applications in advanced robotic appeared so real that one can believe a humanoid robot will be capable to interact or work side by side with people in a near future.
In her January 18, 2010 article, Natasha Lomas researches if people are ready for the biomechanical future revolution, if robots are ready to plug safely into society. In a couple of decades, researchers believed that a car would drive itself. She reports that according to Professor Alan Winfield from the University of the West of England a driverless future is in motion. Professor Winfield stated that “It will actually be a robot that you get in and it carries you around, it takes you to where you want to go and while you are doing it you are on the phone or you are surfing the web or you are chatting to friends”. Sophisticated remote-controlled military robots are already in use. In Afghanistan and Iraq, robots and ...

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