Artificial Intelligence Has Impacted The Field Of Human Health Essay

Artificial Intelligence Has Impacted The Field Of Human Health Essay

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Artificial Intelligence. We all know about it, we all have heard about it, and for years this part of technology has remained in the media’s world of non-fiction. Movies such as Terminator and The Matrix have often painted unrealistic, violent, or apocalyptic scenarios of the world succumbing to the control of machines. Recently, however, modern advancements in this area of computing has allowed it to move away from such perceptions into real technological advancements in various aspects of life. In this short writing, I will be sharing the current state of artificial intelligence today as well as the far and close up impacts this field could have in various aspects of human health.
So before we begin to understand how artificial intelligence has impacted the field of human health, let 's understand how artificial intelligence works today from a more business perspective. In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, AI expert Andrew Ng clarifies the current process on how most AI work today. From self driving cars to photo tagging in that facebook feed, he talks about how machine learning in the AI industry revolves on the computer/robot/etc being able to identify a pattern between two things. To be able to create such a pattern, the machine would require a vast amount of data. After doing so,however, various jobs in security and marketing become prime targets for automation. Thus, this outlines the impacts AI is having in the economic sectors but what about my main topic in health?
In a recent Forbes Article, SAP, a software company, recently tried to tackle the greater issue of monitoring the health and care of the elder population in the world by utilizing the expertise of AI. Inspired from a similar Japanese robo...

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...ere, Computer interfaces are being being used to treat various neurological problems. For example, brain stimulating electrodes are being used to treat symptoms from Parkinson 's disease. This is a huge leap in curing diseases while also advancing aspects in computing technology that are useful in AI field.
At last, even though artificial intelligence has come a long way from the old movies of machines ruling the world, it still has a long way to go before it uses are known in various fields of our modern world. Today, it impacts the economic center through a pattern learning system that initially open the gate to the industry. For future advancements, uses in human health and medicine could improve aspects in AI technology that could pioneer new horizons in this field. In the end, only time will tell where this field and its advancements will lead the world to.

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