Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Computing Essay

Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Computing Essay

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Computer Technologies have brought about an unseen revolution in every field. Today not a single field is exempted from the reach of computer technologies. The technologies have not only satisfied the needs but have in turn created even greater desires. This makes the area even more challenging as one has to be on forefront to be in pace with the changes. The field of computer science is one which entices me the most, and with the help of acquired knowledge I would like to contribute to innovative ideas which improve efficiency in every sphere of life. Having acquired the fundamental concepts securely and adequately, I now wish to pursue a graduate education from your illustrious and internationally accredited university. By studying at University of California, Berkeley I would like to contribute as well as further my knowledge in field of Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Computing.
My fascination for the amazing field has neither ceased nor diminished. The innovative marvels of this field continue to surprise us and have virtually all sections of society under their sway; undoubtedly this machine makes fiction seem like reality and vice versa. To learn more about this amazing discipline, I opted for Computer Science and Engineering in my undergraduate program. Once I understood the basics I became increasingly interested in Data Structure, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Compilers and Parallel Computing. However, as I progressed with my courseware I realized that what is taught at the undergraduate level needs to be complimented with a graduate study if one is to take it to a higher and more detailed level. Graduate study will add volumes to the basics and assist me harnessing a far more in depth knowledge and understanding ...

... middle of paper ... I was not fully able to demonstrate my talent as a research scientist during my undergraduate, I wish to pursue Masters first at UCB proving myself as a student with required aptitude to pursue a doctorate degree. In this way I hope UCB would see me as a true Ph.D. aspirant.

I look forward to being a part of a diverse cultural setup as I await the opportunity to interact with students from across the globe at your university. As a member of the student body I will attempt to familiarize my new mates with the diverse cultural traditions of my country and inculcate in my personality a requisite and desirous mix of different customs and practices of the wide-ranging students from divergent countries.

I look forward to an exhilarating learning experience at your university and wish that you give me an opportunity to make a concrete start towards achieving my goals.

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