Essay about Artificial Intelligence And Machines Automation

Essay about Artificial Intelligence And Machines Automation

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To say that the 21st century has seen an absurd amount of technological advances is an understatement. The ratio of amount of data stored by amount of space needed has decreased exponentially in recent years. In the 1960s, Gordon Moore, a engineer at the time, made the prediction that transistors would shrink in size by half every two year and to this day, that was has been the case. Artificial intelligence and machines automation are specifically making leaps and bound. Apple’s work with Siri has left its competitors scrabbling to create similar softwares such as Amazon’s Echo. Automatic shopping terminals also work in many stores across the country making life easy for both consumers as well as corporations. Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) has also it cheaper to produce goods. While these technological gains improve the lives of billions, their implementation could potentially be disastrous.
As technology improves, less jobs are needed. Four self checkouts units could represent 32 part time jobs. Self driving cars would for example, replace all jobs that involve transportation. This includes but isn’t limited to anyone who operate a taxi, freight train, cargo ship, bus, or even a forklift on a warehouse floor. By its very nature, the service industry is particularly vulnerable to such an action. This is dangerous because more than 80% of the people employed in the united states work in a service industry. It would be difficult to estimate the financial turmoil that would be caused by 80% of Americans losing their jobs. For comparison, the rate of unemployment during the great depression only hit 25% at its highest (CGPGREY). Based on the seemingly exponential trajectory of technological growth, the question that so...

... middle of paper ... it not been for the gains in labor productivity made. These changes allowed the standard of living to remain roughly the same even with significantly more people to feed and bathe (CRAFTS)
Similarly, we as a society have a lot to gain from artificial intelligences and inexpensive fabrication. If automated diagnostic robots become a staple of modern medicine, we might be able reduce the doctor shortage in impoverished African nations (TED TALK ///WHICH ONE///). This alone could prevent millions of avoidable deaths and increase the standard of living of billions. Inexpensive e-discovery programs could also reduce the price of legal consultation for superfluous lawsuit by malicious companies ( LAWYER CASE HERE)
As with all societal changes--especially ones of this scale, there will be those who are both are hesitant and outright reject changes both for moral reasons.

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