Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Reasoning

Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Reasoning

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In today’s fast paced technologically savvy society, everyone wants the most advanced technology, this thirst for the next big thing is what makes technology fields the fastest changing and growing sectors. In countless movies, television shows, and novels, there is a representation of a humanoid character that is in fact a machine functioning and learning new skills with artificial intelligence. The problem with these shows is that the representation of modern day artificial intelligence is largely skewed, these machines have personalities and emotions making them relatable to humans when they are still just a very elaborate computer program. Artificial intelligence is the cognitive ability to solve problems, recognize patterns, and have the capability to learn, with these abilities a machine would also have to think and alter its own code, without the need of a programmer, to achieve a goal.
Cognitive reasoning is often misconceived as artificial intelligence, although these two terms have many of the same implications there is a large difference between them as cognitive reasoning is a portion of artificial intelligence. When Anshakov and Gergely, who are two computer scientists say “Cognitive reasoning is a common form of reasoning that takes place in the case of insufficient and incomplete information in situations with uncertainties and aims to extract new information or knowledge from raw data received from the external world by observation or experimentation.” (425) they are talking about technology that has the ability to learn from the outside world utilizing the information available. Artificial intelligences include more than the ability to learn from the world around it including, reasoning, arguments, and have the ab...

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