The Artifact Was Brought At The Michael 's Craft Store At Harrisburg Essay

The Artifact Was Brought At The Michael 's Craft Store At Harrisburg Essay

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The artifact was brought at the Michael’s Craft store at Harrisburg, PA. The artifact was an amulet that is use for granting wishes, dreams, and desires as well as ward off evil spirits. People in American society believes that the artifact has the power to protect its owner from danger or harm. The artifact also has the power to bring good luck to the user, as it is an object with magical properties. It provide feelings of comfort and protection. It is made in the early 2010’s by latest technology. The amulet is made out of many different types of materials. The amulet is round shape and made up brass metal, stainless steel, glass, metal alloy, glass beads, bamboo, iron, and crystal slide. The brass metal, stainless steel, metal alloy, iron, and bamboo makes up the majority of the body of the amulet. Glass is made at the center of the amulet but not at the edge of the amulet. The beads is located at the top of the amulet and is made of glass beads and crystal slide that makes it unique from other amulet.
The amulet is used as a pendant in which the owner places it on a necklace and is worn around the neck. Many teens place the amulet on their keychain along with their mini-flashlight, keys, and other items. Many adults would place this amulet in their wallet believing it would bring them good luck. Some individual would hang their amulet on the center mirror of their vehicle. Some women would use the amulet as a bracelet or as a jewelry. Some women would use the amulet as a fashion design along with many of their fancy jewelry. The primarily use was to keep it as a fashion accessory by many people wearing it as they would please. In America, it was used as a necklace most of the time.
For the amulet, it was used by many ordina...

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...y. Many people use amulet for different reasons. Some for good luck or wealth. Other to grant desires and many to get rid of bad spirits.
Patel 4
The amulet is a special artifact because of it shape and is use for luck, dreams, desires, wishes, as well as to ward off evil spirit. The amulet is also used as charms as it is lightweight and easy to carry with them. The design is very colorful and simple. The front portion is covered with a design while the back portion is plain. The edges are smooth and clear to touch.
Use: Charms, beads, good luck pendant, and talisman
Construction: Simple amulet, rough front and smooth back amulet, and plain amulet
Design: Circular amulet, rough front and smooth back amulet, pointed top, and clear edges
The measurement is that 3 inches in circumference, 8 ounces weight, 2.5 inches length, 2.5 inches width, and 0.5 in height.

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