Essay about Articulate Your Vision

Essay about Articulate Your Vision

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Articulate Your Vision
Working in a supermarket you sometimes ask the customers questions about some of the items they have on the belt. Majority of the customers tries to eat healthy so they buy yogurt. Many of the customers buy Chobani and Dannon’s and other customers buys Fage .While ringing up the customers that were next in line one friend turned to the other and said “Did you know Fage was the number 1 yogurt in Greece?” Fage is a generic Greek yogurt that has been around since 1926 in Athens, Greece. Fage’s cultural diversity values give consumers of all ages healthy and safe products. Fage has different flavors of yogurt classic and split. The yogurt is 100% natural, some are nonfat, and others are 2%. There are two different yogurts, one is Fage and the other is Fruyo; there are no preservatives in both yogurts. Fage’s yogurt was made extraordinary because of its nutrition. Fage’s has been a part of a Greek diet for over 85 years. The company’s goal is to make their product better. Fage’s principle is they would never make a product that they would not give their children. The company’s values are integrity, accountability, total quality, respect for the environment and trust in people.

When articulating your vision, your product is not worth much if you do not have a diverse mindset. A diverse mindset is a mental representation of team diversity (Cannon-Bowers et al., 1993 and Salas and Fiore, 2004). The team diversity comes from a cultural background. For the reason above cultural diversity give you a sense of identity and it helps you shape a business, product or even a brand. However, cultural diversity may also constitute an important informational resource (Cox, 1993 and Ely and Thomas, 2001). For ins...

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...are empowering. The company is committed to new opportunities, open to new ideas; the company delivers quick results and empowers people to take them further by taking risks. Dannon’s also have a Greek brand too, Oikos. Oikos in Greece means house, the word house come from ecology and it reminded the makers of people homes and how they were connected with nature and how most of the foods came from gardens and family herds (Oikos Yogurt). Oikos yogurt pasteurized milk to kill the bacteria and it also strains yiaourti from the yogurt. Yiaourti is whey, liquid that is left over from the pasteurized milk. Dannon’s, Oikos is different from Fage because they are making their product to reward people with every day authentic, artisan Greek yogurt the way it was meant to be. Oikos is also different because it has a variety of product such as, Yogurt, Frozen Yogurt and Dips.

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