The Articles Of Confederation Was An Excessive Achievement For The American People

The Articles Of Confederation Was An Excessive Achievement For The American People

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Breaking away from the control of the British Empire was an excessive achievement for the American people. It meant that the colonies were an independent country and were free to do what they wanted. But what did they want? Before their independence, the British government was very cruel to the colonies by overtaxing on practically everything and draining the resources of the colonies with no regard on how it would impact the colonists. However, without the government controlling their daily lives, it was time for a change. The colonies had to create their own “law of the land” that would be followed by all. In 1777 colonists believed they achieved this goal. It the same year the colonists drafted The Articles of Confederation, which was the first constitution written by the American people, however it ultimately failed. It lacked vital aspects to run an efficient country such as leadership and means of an economy. The Articles of Confederation made it clear that a stronger, more sustainable constitution needed to be constructed.

One of the main basis for the failure of The Articles of Confederation (AC) was its lack of leadership. The colonies at the time were just getting over the fact that they were finally free from a tyrant monarchy who ruled for over 100 years. None of the colonists were ready to be controlled again by another government so quickly. The drafters of the AC knew this and were lenient in putting power to one person. Also, without leadership, there was never a steady direction that the country followed. There was no one to decide what the country should invest its resources in, where should military power be enforced, and how each state should function.

With the AC in effect, Congress was unable to put ta...

... middle of paper ... I believe changing this article in the constitution will be very beneficial because it will allow more of a variety to the presidential pool. Qualified Americans who were once held back by their immigration can now hold one of the highest offices offered by this county.

From the start of the country, there was much debate on how the country should be run and there is much debate till this day. Everyone has their own opinion on how to make America better. I believe we can only achieve the best for America if we come together and example is the articles of confederation. The Articles of Confederation made it clear that a stronger, more sustainable constitution needed to be constructed, and it took the states and the government to compose a new constitution. It was that constitution that created the pathway for the future and sustainability of the United States.

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