The Articles Of Confederation Established A Weak National Government And Strong State Governments

The Articles Of Confederation Established A Weak National Government And Strong State Governments

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Many individuals are familiar with the Constitution or, at the very least, the concept of the Constitution. However, many are not knowledgeable of how the United States was governed prior to the Constitution. They are not knowledgeable of the documents that dictated the laws of its governing nor the factors that influenced such decisions. Many likely do not even consider the idea that the United States was governed under a different system prior to the establishment of the Constitution. However, for six years (1781-1787), the United States was governed by a radically different document known as the Articles of Confederations.
After removing themselves from the rule of Great Britain and its king, the Colonies needed to form their own government. They, however, feared forming a government that would ultimately result in them being back under the thumb of a ruler that they viewed as a tyrant. This was reflective in the decisions made in the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation established a weak national government and strong state governments, unlike the Constitution which established a strong national government and weaker state government. Under the Articles, states were more like individual nations allied with each other. This state-focused mentality causes state leaders to be apathetic toward the plights and problems of other states. Additionally, the Articles of Confederation did not establish a leader (e.g. president, king/queen, supreme leader) or even an executive branch in general. It also did not establish a national judicial branch. This meant that cases occurring between states, such as a person suing an individual from another state, had no established venue to take place in. The only ...

... middle of paper ... prevent individuals from purchasing a massive amount of slaves to increase their voting power.
With these issues compromised, the convention concluded, papers were circulated to encourage support of the new plan, and the plan was eventually passed by Congress. While not a perfect plan it addressed many of the issues experienced by the early United States and by countries in general. Additionally, its guidelines for amendments allow such flaws to be amended and fixed and for further revisions to be made in the future. The checks and balances established by the Constitution, as mentioned prior, protect the United States from tyranny by keeping one individual from making corrupt/inept decisions without another individual/group interfering. The Constitution would safe guard the United States up to the present day and would become the model for many other nations.

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