The Articles Of Confederation By John Dickinson Essay

The Articles Of Confederation By John Dickinson Essay

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After the surrender of the British and York Town, the United States had the task of drawing rules for their new government. The first blue print was called the Articles of Confederation which was written by John Dickinson of Pennsylvania. The Articles of Confederation can be thought to as the first “constitution” of the United States of America that set out how the Federal government needed to be run. However, the articles lasted from 1781-1789. An achievement of the articles was a plan for adding new states in the West. The Land Ordinance of 1785 divided land into townships and thirty-six sections for purchase while the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was a greater importance. As it provided statehood for areas that reached 60,000 inhabitants. There would also be no slavery allowed in these Northwest Territories.
However, despite winning the revolutionary war, America faced a new challenge: creating a new nation with a new national government. The founders created the Articles of Confederation, a document that defined a new national government. However, this government was far too weak.
There was major issues and weaknesses. Under the articles, each state could coin its own money, there was no executive branch, the government could not regulate interstate commerce, no nation court system, nine of thirteen states had to agree to pass a law, and thirteen of thirteen had to agree to pass an amendment. In addition, there was no army. This lack of an army meant that the United States could not put down Daniel Shays ' Rebellion in Massachusetts in 1786. The rebellion was a riot led my farmers protesting imprisonment for debt, lack of currency, and high taxes. This resulted in the local state militia ending the violence in 1787. In 1787, ...

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...ighest law of the land. This took place at the Philadelphia or Constitutional Convention, which was aimed to address conflicts in governing the United States of America, which had been controlled under the Articles of Confederation. The two differed in many ways. The Articles of Confederation “laid the foundation for a Confederate Government, run by a Unicameral Government, requires unanimous ratification, and no president.” Whereas the constitution, laid the foundation for a Federal Government, run by a Bicameral Government, requires nine states for ratification, and lead by a president. All this is supported as “perhaps the greatest service rendered by the Articles of Confederation was the impetus its shortcomings gave to those who favored a strong central government." as the articles of Confederation had a weak central government and the motivation this brought.

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