The Article ' Transgression Into ' Hidden ' Feminism : Immigrant Muslim Woman From India

The Article ' Transgression Into ' Hidden ' Feminism : Immigrant Muslim Woman From India

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In the article “Transgression into ‘Hidden’ Feminism: Immigrant Muslim Woman from India”, Shweta Singh discusses her argument on “hidden” feminism. According to Singh (2012), “transition into immigrant hood has the potential to be a space for transgression into ‘hidden’ feminism for women” (p. 123). Singh argues that immigration of Indians into western countries such as the United States allows women to have the ability to discover themselves and establish their identity. Singh also believes that internal forces such as family and external forces such as school influence a woman’s identity. An immigrant woman’s views on religion and culture are likely to change when she enters into a modern society. Immigrant women from middle class are more modern in the sense of the clothes they wear, food they eat, entertainment and education. But these women also face the challenge between their homeland culture and the western culture.

Singh uses the classification of immigrant Muslim Indian women in United States, various feminist discourses, and an interview with Nimmi, who is an immigrant Muslim Indian women. Singh gives background information regarding Muslim women in India. In India, Muslim women are yet to be considered unequal with men. However, the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 made Hindu women legally equal to men. Muslim women were excluded from this act and are still abide by the Shariat laws. The Shariat laws allows the Muslim women to uphold their identity as a Muslim. These laws also restrict Muslim women’s identity in their community as they are considered unequal to men. India still to this day deals with inequality between gender roles, and men have power over many unlawful acts such as abortion of females and dowry deaths....

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...ual opportunity to both males and females, a community which consists of a particular ethnicity can limit an individual’s freedom. Cultural values and traditions of the Asian community tend to restrict women’s right as they are supposing to be the ones who do household work and the men are the financial providers.

In conclusion, Singh examines how family, religion, and modernity plays a role in an immigrant Indian women’s identity. Exposure to westernization helps the women find themselves without the restrictions of their culture. Nimmi’s interview helped identify the process of change it takes for developing an immigrant Indian women identity. Nimmi’s exposure from school helped her develop an alternate identity. The interview examined Nimmi’s relationship with mother and her second marriage, which shows where her hidden feminism came to be about.

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