The Article ' The Deadly Noodle ' Essay

The Article ' The Deadly Noodle ' Essay

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Under the development of the world and expand of globalization eat healthy and how to keep fit has become the highlight of people’s life. The article “The Deadly Noodle” Written by Hasting, Thiel and Thomas published on January 20, 2003 argued about a global diet issue. The article showed us a general idea of different cuisine, culture, diet habits and health care related to human living. The best way to change current unhealthy life is to realize what causes it. The article was focused on the 3 main reasons of getting fat and unhealthy, culture influence, diet and exercise and ingredients.
French cuisine and cooking tradition are widely spread around the world under the global famous junk-food burgers and fries. French diet habits are steadily converting to American style fast food. According to Gerber’s words, a nutritional scientist at NIMRH (National Institute for Medical Research and Health), American fast food like burgers and fries is a modern way of life. Because of this deadly food, there are more and more fat people in France. Additionally, the similar things are happening everywhere on Earth. The fast and junk food like McDonald and Coca-Cola, which are processed with more calories and less healthy roughage, have become a fashion and attracted lots of people to eat it. “A rise in caloric intake and a decline in calorie-burning activities.” In the past 20 years, number of overweight people has raised a huge percentage. The calories are coming from raw grains and after processing the “caloric density” rises. Some traditional food like noodles is no longer healthy; the noodles were changed from hand-made whole-grain to factory-made “refined” flour. Because of the change, nutrients like fiber and minerals are lost a...

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... and fried chicken are made of those chickens. Think about it, how could students be concentrated by eating this drink food? How could people living healthy by eating this food. It’s definitely the time for the Chinese government to change this situation.
Jess C. Scott said “A fit, healthy body-that’s the best fashion statement.” I am totally agree with this quote and the article. “The Deadly Noodle” told us the potential risk of eating junk food and what cause the unhealthy life. The article pointed out a statement, which is the only junk food, is affordable for poor people’s low income. That’s true. In my opinion, government should take the responsibility to save the people under a health problem. It is also important to keep in mind the key to health. Next time when you see a plate of fried chicken with cheese dipping and a gym card, which one will you pick?

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