The Article ' Rfids : An Overview Points Of View `` By The Authors M. Lee & T

The Article ' Rfids : An Overview Points Of View `` By The Authors M. Lee & T

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The article “RFIDs: An Overview Points of View” by the authors M. Lee & T. M. DiLascio talks about radio frequency identification (RFIDs) .They discuss the history of the automatic identification technologies, the various applications, and the controversies surrounding this type of technology. To begin the authors provides an overview of the RFID technology. Secondly, the article defines the keywords crucial to the readers understanding of terms used throughout the article. Thirdly, the article goes into the history of radar communication and how it relates to modern RFID technology. As a final point, they discuss RFIDs that are used today. While critics argue that RFID implants in human will result in wide spread invasion of privacy M. Lee & T. M. DiLascio claim they are practical medical applications that make RFIDs a convenient technology.
Radar technology related to RFIDs have been around since the 1930s and 1940s. The first fundamental passive RFID systems were used in World War II by pilots to “alert distant radar crew member that the planes they were flying were friendly, and not enemy planes” (Lee & DiLascio, 2016). That type of radar communication reflected radio signals, which is a basic version of the modern RFID. In 1948, Harry Stockman, a visionary engineer, published a paper discussing the use of reflected radio waves as a means of communication and various applications. Shortly after in the 1950s and 1960s scientists worldwide, most notably R.F. Harrington, Otto Rittenback , and J.H. Vogelman, researched to develop what turned into anti-theft devices known as “electronic article surveillance” (EAS). As a result, this helped to “develop the knowledge and technologies that would be required before RFID applications ...

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... advocated see a future where tags could replace credit cards, keys, and computer passwords. The authors point to 2006 when a U.S.A based company “implanted RFID tags in two its employees in order to allow then to bypass lengthy security checks” (Lee & DiLascio, 2016).
To Conclude, the arguments presented against RFIDs in this article are fear based emotional attacks or playing on emotion. The theme of fear constantly repeats through the article; however, the authors did not present any information to support it.
This suggests two things: either there are no facts to support the claims, or the authors willingly neglected to add evidence. By avoiding information to support the critics claims they appear to be supporting RFID implants. Practical examples were used illustrate the benefits of implantation and the continued increase in sophistication of the devices.

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