Essay on Article Review : The Disruptive Or Adhd Child

Essay on Article Review : The Disruptive Or Adhd Child

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Core Challenge Article/Chapter Review
I choose to review the article The Disruptive or ADHD Child: What to Do When Kids Won’t Sit Still and Be Quiet, the Attention Deficit PowerPoint, and the Misunderstood Minds Chapter 2 Video.
I found the article The Disruptive or ADHD Child: What to Do When Kids Won’t Sit Still and Be Quiet fascinating. According to Cook, A large number of students in an inclusive classroom with disruptive behavior have some form of behavioral disorder, including ADHD, ODD, or CD (Cook, 2005). I was interested in learning more about this core challenge because I expect to teach a large number of students with ADHD. Furthermore, I have a large number of family members have been diagnosed with ADHD. My brother was diagnosed as a child. He struggled both academically and socially. He was extremely impulsive and disruptive. I do not think his teachers knew how to teach him how to control his anger, increase his attention, and improve his organizational skills.
According to the author, students with ADHD may also have a learning disability. Students with ADHD are more likely to be disorganized, inattentive, and impulsive (Cook, 2005). These students excessively blurt out at inappropriate times. For example, students with ADHD are more likely to interrupt a teacher as she/he is giving directions to the class.
The key characteristics associated with ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. In addition to that, students with ADHD often times experience academic and social difficulties. Educators can use a variety of techniques to improve academic achievement for students with ADHD.
There are many techniques I can use in my own classroom to improve academic performance, attention and orga...

... middle of paper ...

... about teaching students with disabilities does this article leave unanswered?
One of the questions the article left unanswered was how stimulant medications can help students with ADHD improve attention and academic performance. The website provided additional information pertaining to simulant medications.
Please use this space to include other interesting and pertinent information about the topic of attention.
Educators can modify instruction and assignments to help students with defiance disorders achieve academic success. Educators can chunk instruction and assignments into smaller pieces to reduce the amount of work and increase attention in students with ADHD. Students diagnosed as having ADHD are more likely to be unorganized. Students can use daily planners such as homework trackers to increase the probability they will remain organized.

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