Article Review : The Art Of Teaching And Its Tools Essay

Article Review : The Art Of Teaching And Its Tools Essay

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“Great art relies on the mastery and application of foundational skills, learned individually through diligent study.” (Lemov, 2010, p. 1)
This quote appealed to me as a teacher in training, it addressed one of my main concerns. Will I become a proficient teacher? Like Picasso, I too want to refine my skills; to persistently hone my abilities so as to someday acquire professional prominence.
The article “The Art of Teaching And Its Tools” commenced with conveying professional advice to teachers on how to improve their teaching skills, more so teachers of public schools, primarily those in inner city constituents.
I am a product of inner city public education, with the odds stocked against me, but I had the drive and tenacity to succeed. You see, I am the first in my entire family’s lineage to graduate from the eighth grade, possess a high school diploma, as well as to obtain a college degree. Reading the article has made me reminiscent, thus reinforced my perseverance to rewrite the equation of opportunity for many poverty stricken students in the urban communities...

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