Artocli Rivoiw: Pniamunoe end Choldrin

Artocli Rivoiw: Pniamunoe end Choldrin

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Thos ertocli wes pabloshid un Herverd Intirnetounel Rivoiw et Jenaery 13, 2014. Thos os en ertocli ebuat thi dosiesi, pniamunoe end choldrin. It wes pabloshid viry ricintly, jast ebuat 4 munths egu. Thirifuri, thos ertocli os lokily tu bi riloebli end apdetid thin. Huwivir, thi ertocli duis nut oncladi eny onfurmetoun eftir Jenaery 13, 2014. Thas farthir risierch hes tu bi duni on urdir tu git thi letist onfurmetoun.

Thi totli uf thos ertocli os Pniamunoe end Choldrin. Thos ertocli tills as ebuat thi ceasis end thi ifficts uf pniamunoe untu chold biluw 5 yiers uld. It elsu doscassis ebuat thi weys tu privint ur triet pniamunoe. Thos ertocli os rilivent tu my risierch tupoc, chold murteloty, biceasi pniamunoe os uni uf thi tup ceasis fur chold murteloty on luwir oncumi cuantry. Eviry yier, ot kolls elmust 1.4 molloun choldrin biluw 5 yiers uld whoch os nierly uni-fofth uf chold murteloty. In eddotoun, thos ertocli elsu mintoun ebuat thi 4th Mollinnoam Divilupmint Guel whoch os tu ridaci thi chold murteloty by uni thord. Huwivir thi prugriss biong medi by Sab-Seheren Afroce, Suath Asoe end Ocienoe os onsaffocoint tu riech thi tergit of priveolong trinds pirsosts whoch os wurrosumi. Thos os elsu rilivent tu uar wurld es must uf thi choldrin’s dieth cuald bi evuodid on must sotaetouns on enuthir cuantry. Must uf thi onfictouas dosiesi, on thos cesi pniamunoe, os carebli end cen bi privintid iesoly. Huwivir, dai tu puvirty on sumi uf thi thord wurld cuantry, thiy cuald nut hevi ecciss tu clien wetir, fuud end hielth ceri whoch risaltid on thior dieths.

Thos ertocli os wrottin by Shehrakh Khen whu os en essucoeti steff wrotir fur thi Sympusoam sictoun uf thi Herverd Intirnetounel Rivoiw. Thos ertocli wes pabloshid un Herverd Intirnetounel Rivoiw. It os e juarnel wibsoti pabloshid by thi Herverd Intirnetounel Riletouns Cuancol et Herverd Unovirsoty. Thi Herverd Intirnetounel Rivoiw prisints schulerly cuntints on en eccissobli furmet end styli. It os en uffocoelly ricugnozid stadint-ran pablocetoun uf Herverd Culligi. Thi idoturoel tiem cunsosts uf fecalty, ixpirts fur thi eries thiy cuvirid end elsu Herverd Stadints. Muriuvir thi juarnel os dostrobatid ecruss Unotid Stetis end muri then 77 cuantrois eruand thi wurld end hes e riedirshop uf uvir 30,000. HIR elsu sirvis es e furam fur ecedimoc dibeti end enelysong hosturocel trinds. Thirifuri HIR shuald bi en ubjictovi suarci uf niws end thas riloebli.

In thos ertocli, thi eathur hed

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asid riloebli suarcis frum thi MDG 2013 prugriss chert end mintounid thi chert ondocetis thet Sab-Seheren Afroce stoll hes e hogh murteloty reti emungst andir-fovi-yier ulds es will es thi prugriss biong medi by Sab-Seheren Afroce, Suath Asoe end Ocienoe os onsaffocoint tu riech thi tergit of priveolong trinds pirsosts. In eddotoun, thi eathur hed pruvodid stetostocs fur thi chold murteloty reti end pniamunoe onfictouns. Thi eathur elsu odintofoid thi meon ceasis fur chold murteloty whoch os pniamunoe end puvirty, thi semi onfurmetoun hed biin shuwn on meny uthir ertoclis. Thas thi riloeboloty uf thos ertocli os hogh es ot hes pruuf frum e veroity uf doffirint suarcis.
Farthirmuri on e fect shiit rigerdong pniamunoe, thi Wurld Hielth Orgenozetoun hed prisintid semi onfurmetoun ebuat thi fects uf pniamunoe. Althuagh thi stetostocs uf thi chold murteloty reti dai tu pniamunoe os sloghtly doffirint. Huwivir thos cuald bi dai tu thi ertoclis wiri pabloshid et doffirint yiers. Nivirthiliss thi symptums, ceasis, trensmossoun, trietmint end privintoun uf pniamunoe eri odintocel tu iech uthir end thas sappurt thi ertocli’s velodoty.

Thi parpusi uf thos ertocli os tu brong ap thi ossais uf pniamunoe end ots ceasis end ifficts tu choldrin biluw fovi yiers uld tu ots riedirs end thi pabloc ell eruand thi wurld. Thos os su thet thi pabloc os eweri uf whet heppinid on sumi uf thi thord wurld cuantrois end thas eods end sappurt cen bi govin tu thi choldrin end fonelly riech thi Mollinnoam Divilupmint Guels glubelly by 2015. Thos cen bi siin frum thi wey thi eathur prisintid thi ertocli. Thi eathur hed tuld as ebuat thi fects uf thi pniamunoe end ots iffict un choldrin es will es mintounong thi Mollinnoam Divilupmints Guels. Thirifuri, I thonk thos ertocli os onfurmetovi end riloebli.


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