Article Review On The One Hand, The Article Written By Joanne Gikas And Michael M. Grant

Article Review On The One Hand, The Article Written By Joanne Gikas And Michael M. Grant

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During the Review of Literature, I read about the major topics addressed in both articles. On the one hand, the article written by Joanne Gikas and Michael M. Grant (2013) discusses the value of incorporating mobile devices so as to maintain a student-centered classroom in higher education. Conversely, Ji-Hye Park and Hee Jun Choi’s article (2009) focuses on the difference between persistent learners and dropouts in higher education in reference to online courses. While the two articles seemingly focus on two different topics, both suggest a commonality between the articles: learners need to find relevance in the instruction while instructors need to find a way to support their learners (i.e., creating instruction to be student-centered).

When looking at Gikas and Grant’s article, one will notice the various types of references cited. The references most commonly seen originate from secondary sources. However, the article itself mentions certain primary sources used during the study (e.g., the focus group interviews and transcripts of said interviews). Excluding the primary sources, I clicked on the various links provided in the article’s reference section; here, I saw that the secondary sources span from PDFs of online books to online journal articles. Furthermore, there were few uses of less trustworthy material coming from websites, thus, ensuring the validity of the information given in the article. In addition to the types of sources cited by Gikas and Grant, I analyzed the references seen in Park and Choi’s work. Here, the two authors rely mostly on secondary sources such as journal articles in PDF format. However, the two authors incorporate too many dissertations; these forms of information should be used sparsely so as t...

... middle of paper ...

...specific job fields. Conversely, characteristics of the university, location of the school, level of the student and discipline, and number of the participants in the study played a role the study. Additionally, the type of data being collected varies between each study. Park and Choi collect numerical data which is used to explain and predict the phenomena being studied, and Gikas and Grant interpret visual and narrative data to gain insights of the phenomena of interest. Lastly, the types of research questions the researchers ask differ. Park and Choi’s questions are more definite, and Gikas and Grant’s change depending on how the conversation goes. The reason for this difference may be due to Park and Choi using a survey questionnaire and Gikas and Grant interviewing participants; the difference in delivery is a likely factor in the research questions flexibility.

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