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For this article I decided to take a topic from chapter 11 on sexuality. Considering this, I chose to review an article on sexual harassment. In fact, this has been problematic up at South Dakota State University this semester. I have received numerous e-mails alerting sexual harassment/misconduct at campus. The CNN article I found was written on how college campuses deal with sexual assault.
The article begins with background details that happened at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD). Where two college sophomores (male and female) engaged in sexual activities, fueled by alcohol. Consequently, the next morning the young man proceeded to touch the young woman, upon which she refused. They ultimately engaged in sex later that night. This eventually led to a substantial lawsuit at UCSD, of the more than 20 that followed. The article goes on further to talk about how these cases are treated, and how college campuses have inexperienced people serve at disciplinary hearings. This ultimately leads to the end of a college career and damaged lives. The article then gives further details on the process taken by the sexual assault compliant by the young women. However, the young man reported that both of their actions where consensual. He even had text messages to confirm what had happened. The head of the disciplinary hearing did not believe him at all and sided with the girl. During the hearing the young man was not allowed to speak, even his lawyer could not say anything. Under those circumstances, the young man was suspended or a semester and later further extending his suspension. The young man, sued UCSD for their unfair trial and won. After this, the article continues to speak about Title IX and its involvement in sexua...

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... about sexual assault. They also provide us with alerts with sexual assault complaints that happened up on campus as well. I honestly believe that they are trying to do all they can to try to stop it. Unfortunately, there will always be people that expect that they can get away with sexual assault without any consequences. There is only so much Universities can do to try and stop this. Finally, throughout my life, I have learned to always keep my hands to myself and respect people. I have also been taught that sexuality is a gift from God and I should cherish it. I have made vow my own personal vows to save my purity till marriage or consecrated religious life. If more people respected their sexuality I am certain that we would not see problems with sexual assault. On a last note, I would like to know what makes people get carried away and committing sexual assault.

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