Article Review : Improving Your Schools Essay

Article Review : Improving Your Schools Essay

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Article: Improving Your Schools: A Parent and Community Guide to No Child Left Behind

1. The first article gave me the idea that the No Child Left Behind Act would help schools improve. It gave the many positive aspects of the act and described how much it benefitted parents. However, I noticed that no downsides about the act were mentioned. So, I thought the ideas were good, but that could be because the article only described the positive side of NCLB.

2. The purpose of this article was to persuade parents to get involved with schools. Throughout the article, the benefits that the act has for parents is brought up repeatedly, telling me that the purpose of this article is to persuade.

3. This solution is based on the fact that many parents have had to fight to obtain information from schools in the past. The article uses this basis to justify the No Child Left Behind Act as a good thing for parents. It also exemplified the old system as not producing results while the No Child Left Behind Act was. These pieces of data are used to convince parents that they should get involved in their children’s school.

4. There are some biases in this article. The article only talks about the positive side of the No Child Left Behind Act. It does not mention any downfalls to the act, but instead praises it providing only the good outcomes. The article also only describes the old school system as ineffective. With the purpose being to persuade parents, material that would push parents away is omitted. This makes this article biased.

5. One concept being used is that the old school system did not give parents any power to participate in their child’s education. This concept is used to push the No Child Left Behind Act’s benefits for parents....

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...ates what the problem is. America’s education system is falling behind and the fact that other countries have surpassed America is the proof.

4. I did find bias in this article. The article focused on the positive aspects of the reform rather than looking at it from all angles. Because this article was made to persuade, it only used data that made the reform look good for the reader. It failed to look at the downsides of the reform or any problems that could occur. This made the article biased.

5. A term used often in this article is “innovation.” This term is used to describe the many schooling methods being created to produce results in schools. Innovation is used throughout the article when the authors illustrate how schools can get better. Through innovative techniques, schools are supposed to have better results, thereby resulting in a better education system.

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