The Article ' Perspectives On Discipline By Bonnie Neugebauer Essay

The Article ' Perspectives On Discipline By Bonnie Neugebauer Essay

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Discipline varies within cultures as well as from generation to generation. The article “Perspectives on Discipline” by Bonnie Neugebauer, expressed the common link between parents was the desire for their children to be confident, to be outspoken and in control so they are not taken advantage of. The parents wanted their children to be self-regulated, independent thinkers and responsible individuals, respecting others and demanding respect for themselves. They were certain that if the children possessed these characteristics this would create a successful individual who is able to face life and any difficulties they may face.
Parents interviewed in the article alleged that there were some similarities regarding the discipline children received at school as well as at home, but there were also differences. I believe there are differences as well as some similarities in the perspectives on discipline. The families that were involved in childcare, in the article, were convinced that the environment at school had definitely influenced their approach to discipline. The article also stressed the differences the families experienced between home and school. Some were resorting to a very authoritarian parenting style, others resorting to consequences; such as removing television from their routine, even resorting to spanking. Most of these approaches are not acceptable in the school system. I trust in a perfect world parents and teachers would approach discipline in the same manner, but this doesn’t always happen. Parents are influenced by many factors and I believe educating the parent and the child through information and modeling is the key to success.
In my experience as a parent, grandparent and an educator, I believe ther...

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...more for adults, when the adult is losing it”, as Luz in the article stated. This statement summarizes my feeling regarding the appropriate method of disciple. I do not feel that children learn anything from a time out, rather the adult has a chance to compose themselves. Similar to Luz, in the article, I am raising a child who takes responsibility for his own actions. My son as well as each child in my child care program is encouraged to respect others as well as their own beliefs. I believe in being a firm parent as well as a firm provider, but a fair one as well. If the guidelines are set the child will know his or her boundaries and will learn to make choices as a responsible adult in society. My philosophy on disciple is reinforced as I watched my son go through high school and now college, making positive choices, even when the temptation is before him.

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