The Article On A Wild Tongue By Gloria Anzaldua Essay

The Article On A Wild Tongue By Gloria Anzaldua Essay

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Individuals throughout the world seem to range from culture to culture and are able to communicate with each other like civil citizens. The article How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua emphasizes on the importance language is for individuals around the world. Language arises questions involving the presence of foreign individuals in a welcoming area that also reveals a variety of perspectives individuals have towards the world while gradually allowing foreigners to become ashamed of their language.
The article How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua is designed to trigger different opinions about what language has done in her life as she grew older. Through the text she focuses on the hurtful treatment she endured while attending school and elaborated on her experiences she overcame because of her language. She also explained her feelings and the little things that sometimes other individuals leave out while discussing the problems associated with the languages we currently practice.
Current generations have struggled with accepting the variety of languages that are being exposed and leaves foreigners to question their first language. These foreigners have endured criticism and have held their head high when being looked down upon. The simple but hurtful treatment foreigners face leads them to question if they belong in a area they currently call home. America is seen as a welcoming country to anyone, regardless of who they are or their belief preferences, however as soon as those individuals begin speaking their language, problems drastically arise. As a Hispanic student, I have faced many situations where others make rude remarks while I am speaking Spanish with a friend. The phrase foreigners constantly hear is...

... middle of paper ... my own family, many of my cousins are gradually drifting away from the Spanish language by choice. It is known for individuals to come into America for opportunity and it is important for foreigners to be encouraged to continue practicing their language because, it is important for them to never forget where they came from and remember who they really are regardless of location.
Language has slowly made its way into becoming a world problem that should quickly be addressed to save the cultures who are not in their homeland. Language arises countless questions for the foreigner while being surrounded with others who don’t appreciate their language. It is essential for the problems associated with language to be addressed to maintain the different cultures alive and allow them to proudly practice their language on a daily basis without having them feel ashamed it.

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