The Article Mind Sets And Equitable Education Essay

The Article Mind Sets And Equitable Education Essay

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In the article Mind-Sets and Equitable Education, Carol S. Dweck studies the link between mind-sets and beliefs and the influence it has on student success. This article examines how beliefs about how you learn impact the manner in which you learn. It is stated that growth mind-set as opposed to fixed mind-set promotes student success and achievement. Growth mind-set is the idea that intelligence is not something individuals are born with, but is rather a skill that individuals can develop through hard work and perseverance. Fixed mind-set opposes this idea as it views intelligence as an immutable trait individuals are born with. The article mentions that not only personal mind-set impacts an individual’s success but how they perceive the mind-set of other individuals’ in a role model position influences success as well. Additionally, this article examines the influence of mind-sets on stereotyped students. It was found that not only do growth mind-sets positively influence stereotyped students but also more progress was observed in stereotyped students compared to non-stereotyped students with this mind-set.
This article contains many parts that work together to help support the idea that the growth mind-set assists in progressing individual success. This is done through the use of a study. The research done monitored the mind-sets of several hundred students and the grades that they accomplished over time. Through this they realized that those who believed that intelligence is a skill individuals develop over time were the students who were improving in the class. To ensure that this was indeed the case they eliminated any doubt by teaching some students that intelligence is not static and proceeded to monitor their progress and...

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...ents. By performing this study parents, guardians and educators are able to improve the success of individuals by simply restating encouragement from “ you must be smart” to “you must have worked really hard.” This change in the way we phrase encouragement or praise is just a minor alteration that can have greater positive repercussions. This is especially true for those stereotyped students as these stereotypes are commonly placed on them due to the belief that their intelligence or biological make up is immutable and by providing them with this new mind-set they will be able to achieve more. This article brings into light new aspects that can benefit many teachers; this is why as a teacher I will ensure that the students and myself display the growth mind-set. I will guarantee that this occurs by teaching the students this mind-set through the Brainology website.

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