The Article ' Jocks Vs. Plessy ' By Robert Lipsyte Essay

The Article ' Jocks Vs. Plessy ' By Robert Lipsyte Essay

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In the article “Jocks vs. Pukes.” By Robert Lipsyte the article is about people getting categorized as either Jocks or Pukes. Jocks are brave, manly, ambitious, focused, patriotic, and goal-driven while the Pukes are woolly, distractible, girlish, and damaged by their lack of confidence that nothing mattered as much as winning. Jock culture is important to people therefore, more girls are joining sports. In addition, they are more successful when they play as a team. When Pukes are interested in joining a sport they usually get rejected. Kids are usually influenced into the Jock Culture when their parents or coaches expose them to the best athletes and arenas. However, Boys were always taught to be tough, stoical, and to take any risk to win. Athletes are treated like celebrities to the point where they do not have to do any chores or anything that is unprofessional. Therefore, they get away with things. Whether it is building a new stadium or etc. people always show love and attention to the athletes and one of the ways that they do that is by spending so much money for them.
In the other article “Why Boycotting the NFL Because of Ray Rice is Not the Answer,” by Kate Nolan is about people who want to boycott the NFL, but it will not work out because the audience will not appreciate that. The critical thinkers from the NFL conversation would be eliminated as well. The NFL will continue making money, but with less responsibilities. Kate Nolan did not like the fact that the NFL would always talk about increasing their audience, but they never mention about domestic violence, racism, and corruption about the NFL. Nowadays women’s opinion does not matter. Sports media also mentioned that since women have never played Football they ...

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...year 1968 unlike Today. I honestly think Ray Rice deserves more than the suspension he got. He deserves to get arrested for domestic violence against his finance. I feel like the only reason why he had the nerves to punch her was because he is a guy and girls will not do anything about it. The only reason why girls do not stand up for themselves is because regardless if they do their opinion will not matter anyways. Therefore, it is useless to do so. Also, I think it is unfair for women to not take part in any sports because maybe women are better than men in sports. Also, they might have interesting ideas or opinions that they want to address it to the world as well. People and coaches should stop discriminating against women because women might have special athletic skills than men which the NFL have never seen because they never give them the opportunity to do so.

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