The Article : How Success Is A Success By Malcom Gladwell Essay

The Article : How Success Is A Success By Malcom Gladwell Essay

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The article “How to Be a Success” by Malcom Gladwell speaks about how success is something that can be achieved if you put the time and work into it, and how success is not achieved overnight but rather through long hours of constant practice. His article is targeted to more than one group of individuals. The groups of individuals that his article targets are teenage students, young adults, adults, people who want to become an expert, or want to succeed in something they have an interest in and in general society. Another article also related to the success of an individual “An A+ Student Regrets His Grades” by Afraj Gill describes how in society many schools focus more on students’ grades, rather than their learning, and how a student is labelled as incompetent or successful by the grades he or she receives. Afraj Gill’s target audience is the Ministry of Education, teenage students and also society as well. In Gladwell and Gill’s articles about success they together share two similar audiences in which they both target, society and teenage students.

Society and teenage students are two similar target audiences in both Malcom Gladwell and Afraji Gill’s articles. Both articles discuss success and vaguely how society views it. Success in Malcom Gladwell’s article is defined as something you achieve after working for a long amount of time, as well as by putting in a lot of effort and practice. That it is not something that can easily be done overnight. In his article Gladwell’s purpose is to shine light on the factor of not so much what success is, but how it can be achieved. In his article he talks about the 10,000 hour rule where he states that in order to achieve a high level of skill at something, you must work at ...

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...s paragraphs are not fully developed his vocabulary is not casual enough to make his piece an informal level of writing, but instead his article uses a mix of both formal and causal vocabulary. Afraji Gill’s article “An A+ Student Regrets His Grades” writing style is also similar to Malcom Gladwell’s writing style for it uses a general level of writing as well. Afraji Gill’s article is seen as a general level of writing because in his article he as well uses many contraction words and has paragraphs that are not fully developed. Similar to Malcom Gladwell’s article Afraji Gill’s article does not use informal and casual vocabulary to consider his piece informal, instead he uses a variety of formal and sophisticated vocabulary. Both Malcom Gladwell’s and Afraji Gills’ articles are written in a general level of writing as opposed to formal or informal levels of writing.

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