The Article ' How Can Domestic Abuse Be Stopped? Essay

The Article ' How Can Domestic Abuse Be Stopped? Essay

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In the article “How can domestic abuse be stopped?” by Megan Twohey, the author examines the ways in which individuals experience grief along with hardships and how they can affect a person mentally which in turn leads to instability physically and emotionally. According to Megan Twohey, “ Research shows many abusers suffer from psychological problems and substance abuse” (Twohey 1). In other words, physical abuse usually occurs when one suffers from a psychological problem which may be caused by many things such as losing friends, hardships faced during and after war, or even growing up in a place that has a negative influence on a individual. Additionally, Megan Twohey claims that “substance abuse counseling and other forms of therapy have not been proven to be more effective at treating abusers” (Twohey 3). Put simply, overcoming domestic abuse no matter what the cause may be is indeed very difficult to do and in most cases is never accomplished. Especially after experiencing hardships and grief individuals becomes accustomed to their new mindset and it becomes increasingly difficult to change and return to equilibrium mentally and physically. Just as the article depicts domestic violence and grief so does the novel, “We Are Called to Rise”. Nate, a key character in the novel goes through a series of hardships and struggles which in turn change him as an individual. His negative experiences affect him emotionally which causes him to have mental and physical instability. In the novel, “We Are Called to Rise”, the author uses the characterization of Nate to develop a critique on how the American Experience can be devastating to individuals who have experienced hardships unique to Americans and therefore suffer from domestic viole...

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...nto a new person for good and therefore causes him to have an horrific American experience. It doesn’t allow him to just go back to normal which ultimately prevents him from rising past his struggles. Throughout the novel, many characters rose through their struggles, but unfortunately Nate was one who fell. Not because he didn’t want to overcome his obstacles but instead because of the American experience which caused him to not be able to rise as an individual as it held darkness for Nate. His main problem which was suffering from PTSD is a huge issue with many soldiers today. Not many overcome it and it stays with them for the duration of their lives. Therapy and getting help is an option, but it still doesn’t fully eliminate the devastating issue. Nate continually moves forward with PTSD and although at points it seems like he’s doing fine, it always comes back.

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