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The Article ' Federal Agency Vote Essay

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The article "Federal Agency Votes to Slaughter 44,000 of the 67,000 of the Wild Horses In the US".
The conflict:
According to the article written by environmental activist Whitney Webb via True Activist, 44,000 of the 67,000 wild horses in the US are voted to be slaughtered by the Federal Agency. They demand that 65% of the wild horses must be culled to open up more land for the public ranches. Beef industry representatives asserted that wild horses were overpopulated and unhealthy. They say the only way to solve this problem (population crisis) humanely is to slaughter 44,000 and sterilize the remaining horses, and eventually eliminate the entire country 's wild horse population. The horses will be sold for meat to Mexico and Canada via middlemen. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers federally owned public lands. These public lands are frequently leased by cattle ranchers. Cattle consume 82% of the forage. The removal of these horses would mean more cattle could roam the land, generating $14.5 million more for BLM annually. The BLM also leases public lands to gas and energy companies who have installed 63,000 oil and gas wells. The BLM makes $1.27 million off of leasing land for fracking.
The argument:
There is an online petition to stop the slaughter. Ginger Kathrens, a person not associated with beef industry said there is no overpopulation and current population levels are below levels necessary for genetic viability, putting wild horses in danger of disappearing for good. The National Academy of Sciences supported Kathrens stating that there is no evidence of overpopulation and the BLM’s current practice of removing wild horses from public lands is to blame for the high population growth rate. A press release state...

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...alternatives. Just to ask people not to eat beef is not a solution, it is a suggestion that is not realistic. The BLM solution will be implemented just the way they wipe out birds around the airports, can you argue with that, don 't fly and let the birds live? Obviously in this regard, the government will be responsible to implement the solution, and the risk of this implementation is low to nothing.
I personally think that seeing wild horses in the wild is beautiful, but according to the facts, their population has to be controlled, but I don 't agree with total annihilation of the horses. I believe the government still can designate some specific areas, such as national parks, to let some of these horses survive freely, but under control. After all, they were the man 's best company for centuries and we still measure mechanical powers with the degree of horse power.

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