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This assignment is aimed at evaluating the article from existing basis of theories, research methods to researchers’ findings. It is structured as followed. The assignment will briefly describe the paper which is going to be evaluated at first, and then state the main theoretical framework of the article combining with its theoretical underpinning. Followed by that, the whole research design and the use of methods which were relative to this research will be put into evaluation, also it will expound some limitations of these methods. And then it will come up with the analysis of the reliability of the researchers’ findings and conclusions. Finally, the implications which based on the previous sections will be presented, and some personal experience and interpretations will be put at the end.
Article description
This article raised an argument to the existing dimensional approach at first, and presented the culture is not consistent but rather changing constantly, then put forward the view of emphasizing to incorporate the specific context and power dynamic rather than take the traditional and universal approach.
The research is mainly focus on the power dynamics which was based on the cross-cultural perception between Dutch and Curaçaoans. The investigation was done between two typical organizations: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the police from the national and organizational context. The research collected the data mainly through combining the ways of interviews, observation and literature study. Besides, the selection of the interviewees and interviewers was according to the particular methods in order to improve the veracity of the data. It was aimed to illustrate the influence of power dynamics betw...

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