The Article, Ding Culture With Girls Like Me : Why Trying On Gender And Intersectionality Matters

The Article, Ding Culture With Girls Like Me : Why Trying On Gender And Intersectionality Matters

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In the Article, Ding Culture With Girls Like Me: Why Trying on Gender and Intersectionality Matters, by Susan Williams, Williams examines, outlines, and identifies how race, ethnicity, and class play a role in how girls try on gender, while also gathering information on the intersectional and experimental aspects of the process. She highlights diversity of girl’s experiences to strengthen the ability to asses ways in which societies participate in gender. Williams does this by identifying and highlighting the way girls do gender, examining intersectionality through her concept of trying-on gender, and by including cross-over literature to show how girls make a multi-constructed sense of self. Through this process Williams was able to find that girls participate in trying on gender through acts that they identify with the most and that there is not a lot of research of specific intersectionalites.
William began her process by explaining and reviewing social constructionism. She defined social constructionism in her article as providing the most comprehensive body of theoretical concepts to explain experiences of girls from different social locations. She then proceeds to explain how social constructionism has its roots in social interactionism and how all meaning in society, including gender, are made through interactions, thus society produces gender. She explains and discusses how this relates to gender and intersecting factors. Intersectionality is the idea that gender is not an isolated status that we experience but instead it intersects with our other identities. This is explained by examples of previous research done, such as the doll experiment where black and white girls pick the white doll as the good doll, and the black d...

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...lude that gender is a form of symbolic interactionism. Which means that our interactions predict and identify what gender is and how one does gender. The way we do gender is also heavily weighed on intersectionality. Intersionalitys are groups that someone closely identifies with. When a girl is trying-on-gender, or experimenting they are also most likely to experiment with something that they can identify with and are most likely related too. Due to intersections each group or person does gender in its or his and her own way, because they are one thing, they are another, and adapt to do both. It depends on the persons culture, religion, class, virtually any group that person belongs too. By taking into account these different intersionalities and how they have a role on gender many societies can understand people and gender and the roles of it in a lot better ways.

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