Essay about Article Analysis : ' Women Beware Science ' The Birth Mark '

Essay about Article Analysis : ' Women Beware Science ' The Birth Mark '

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1. Fetterley,Judith. "Women Beware Science: The Birth-Mark." Frank, Ed. Albert J. von. Critical Essays on Hawthorne 's Short Stories. Boston: G. K. Hall & Co., 1991. 164-173.
Judith Fetterley argues that feminism in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Birth-Mark has an adverse effect on the women who are subjected to the male scrutiny. The article explains the stresses which the women encounter in their identity - which is the impression of the men’s response towards them and it highly varied. The article further demonstrates the consequences of which the women are confined in the man’s mind thinking, where they are objects of being examined, scrutinized, and experimentally analyzed. The author further comments that the story was written to be a feminist commentary which makes the women view it as the ones who are affected.
2. Daley, John D., and Ernest Becker. "The Denial Of Death." The Family Coordinator. 24.1 (1975): 103. Web.
Ernest Becker proposes on the theory of generative death where human behavior is seen as suspiciously generated to bring out the issue of the fear of death. The article brings criticism of the idolization of science which has been dominated in sexuality fears. The anxiety of death has also been vital in the explanation of the development of meaning-making. The author further conceives humankind in the perception of self-protective system which has developed the human behavior in the stage of buffering against the death. Personal behavior and personal motivation in this article gives out an explanation on symbolism to make humankind be worth irrespective of the ephemeral character of the human life. The author further explains the species of the human beings to be far, much better than the animal species.
3. Reid...

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.... The article further analyses the perspective of threats which are associated with women’s body as the cause of attraction to men.
10. Scheer, Thomas F. "AYLMER 'S DIVINE ROLES IN THE BIRTH-MARK". ATQ 22.3 (1974): 108.
The writer supports the Hawthorne’s use of spiritual values while linking them to science. He describes the relationship between the characters Aylmer and Georgiana with the ancient ideas of conversion by Puritan. It shows how Hawthorne use illusions to criticize the pretension of the science and provides the concern of humility in all mankind. The story, The Birth-Mark is taken as a hellish furnace which may be referred as cold, which through controversies of names Hawthorne suggests it is god-like in its reflections to Aylmer. The article also talks of the application of irony through the Hawthorne’s story with Aylmer serving as “God the Father.”

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