Article Analysis: "Why Environmentalists Attack the SUV" Essay

Article Analysis: "Why Environmentalists Attack the SUV" Essay

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Sports Utility Vehicles have long maintained the reputation of being gas guzzlers and detrimental to the environment. In the article, “Why Environmentalists Attack the SUV,” Mr. John Bragg presents the argument that the SUV is a symbol of Americanism. While it is easy to understand his thinking, it is largely based upon subjective reasoning.  Conversely, the article, “Environmental Double Standards for Sport Utility Vehicles,” postulates that SUV’s represent a paradox to consumers. Additionally, cartoonist, Khalil Bendib takes a drastic approach by overtly stating that American automotive corporations are directly contributing to the degradation of the environment.
In Mr. John Braggs writing, he proposes that the SUV is attacked by the same individuals whom support former Vice President, Al Gore’s call to abolish the production of internal combustion engines. Considering John Bragg is a policy analyst for the Center for the Moral Defense of Capitalism, it is safe to acknowledge that he advocates the production of SUVs not because it is conducive to maintaining the environment but because the SUV is the symbol of Americanism. Additionally, according to “Why Environmentalists Attack the SUV,” the production of SUVs has declined because of federal fuel efficiency mandates, which were emplaced in 1975.
Owning an automobile presents the opportunity to preserve personal independence. However, It is unclear how Mr. Bragg ends up with the conclusion that the SUV alone represents personal independence. The very reason for owning a care is for personal independence; therefore, the SUV is not the sole means to achieve this. Additionally, the paper goes on to state that the secondary purpose for the SUV is personal protection. Man...

... middle of paper ... people have control over. Nonetheless, is still, in my opinion, the most valid argument of all the articles. In closing, we as Americans are required to ensure the longevity of our planet whether it be quality of the air or the preservation of all things green.

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