Article Analysis: The Effect that Public Perception Had on French Royal Society

Article Analysis: The Effect that Public Perception Had on French Royal Society

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A Look at Slavery’s Role in History

Slavery has played a large role in the development of nations throughout the world; this is without a doubt, an undeniable element of our human history. There were however, varying rational for the presence of the institution of slavery in each geographic region. No matter what the reason, there were often significant social, political, and cultural ties to the utilization of slavery as a labor force. Although these commonly cited reasons in the defense of the institution of slavery sound somewhat sensible, they are often far overplayed in an effort to cover-up the underlying rational behind forcing others to work against their will. In the following articles, many of these commonly cited explanations are devalued and replaced with the truth.

Wright, Gavin. “Slavery and American Agricultural History.” Agricultural History 77, no. 4 (2003): 527 – 552, (accessed April 8th, 2014).

This article, written in 2003, argues that the institution of slavery in the United States had a number of factors, which contributed to its conservation and spread, up until the end of the Civil War. Of the many factors, Wright sheds light on two that he claims to know the most about, Agricultural Viability and Political decisions. When speaking on these two topics and their relevancy to slavery, he argues that Political reasons were almost the sole reason for which slavery was kept around. Wright uses statistics from censuses as well as primary sources from the time to strengthen his argument. His argument is further strengthened by his Presidential Position within the Agricultural History Society and his occupation as a professor of American Economic History at the Stanfo...

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...verall does a good job supporting my stated thesis, providing solid support against the common belief that slavery was essential to the economic stability of historic societies.

Although slavery has played a role in the development of almost every society to exist on this earth, its role is often far less crucial than what many have come to believe. The role of slavery is almost always considered to have been essential for the economic viability of a newly forming society in historic times, but as was shown in these articles, this is not the case. Slavery often served a social and/or cultural role, in which the ownership of slaves increased ones, social status and in some cases increased the political power available to an owner. Often times, as shown in both of the sources used, slavery had a negative effect on the economic sustainability of a civilization.

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