Article Analysis : No Consent Is Not Like Drinking Tea Essay

Article Analysis : No Consent Is Not Like Drinking Tea Essay

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Over the semester, I’ve learned many ways to better myself as a writer. I’ve learned how to use quotes and evidence efficiently in my essays, how to go from one paragraph to another efficiently, and I’ve learned hot to connect all my ideas in my essay to my thesis. All of these things that I’ve learned, has helped me to make my essays just a little bit stronger and easier for me to get my opinions out there. It makes my essays clearer and easier to follow.

One of the problems that I had in the beginning of the semester was my inability to connect the quotes from the articles that I chose to use to my essays, clearly. In my first essay (Essay #1) I wrote about the article No Consent is Not like Drinking Tea. In the article, it talks about the metaphor of how giving consent is like drinking tea and the author explains that instead of tea, the metaphor should be cake instead. In my essay, I failed to explain the reason as to why, the author (Schow) chose to change the metaphor from tea to cake. I only explained my reason as to why, I disagree with her doing so.

On the other hand, in Essay #3, I changed that. Essay #3 was the essay that I wrote about assisted suicide. In the essay, I talked about the article My Right to Die by Kevin Drum and in my essay I thoroughly explained that the guy in the article , Henry, had been suffering during the time that he had cancer, although he had powerful opiates. I also used quotes from the article to explain his reasoning to take his own life after and to further explain why assisted suicide to should be legal. I connected the quote from the article, to the explanation of the quote, to the reason why him taking his own life was justifiable , to my thesis. I learned to fluently connect all of ...

... middle of paper ...

...y viewpoints about sexual assault in a paragraph, to my next paragraph that had a quote and an explanation of the quote to further explaining how both paragraphs connected to my thesis. All of the paragraphs in that essay were interlocked and had one large chain because they all connected with each other, causing it to flow efficiently.

After realizing the mistakes in my essays, over the semester, I worked to show how much I’ve learned to become a better writer. I took the new knowledge that I have gained as a writer and put them into my new essays allowing me to grow as a writer. I’ve learned how to use quotes efficiently, how to connect my ideas to my thesis and I’ve learned how to go from one paragraph to another almost effortlessly. Because, I’ve learned all of these new techniques, it has allowed my essays to be more clear and more effective to the reader.

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