Essay about Article Analysis : Juliet B. Schor

Essay about Article Analysis : Juliet B. Schor

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Essay 2: Article Analysis
Juliet B. Schor, a professor of sociology at Boston College, is the author of Selling to Children: The Marketing of Cool and many other books on the topic of American Consumption. Schor is a professor of sociology at Boston College. In this article, Selling to Children: The Marketing of Cool, Schor talks about what cool is and how it has affected the culture of advertising and ideals. From Schor’s writing we can try to understand why she wrote about this topic and how she feels about the methods of advertising used for kids, providing facts for each of her main statements.
Schor states right off the bat that cool has been around for a long time, although the meaning has changed. Cool used to be just another style but over time is has become the baseline for being accepted in the popular crowd. Marketers have made it seem like without cool it is very hard to be socially successful. Nobody wants to be socially successful and accepted as much as kids. The cool group is exclusive as well, leaving a large market of kids wanting to be a part of it and even those who feel like they are part of it, wanting to stay cool. Schor understands this and how much of an impact the market of cool can have on kids and young adults. Cool has become being able to have what few others have or can get, such as more expensive or exclusive shoes, toys or clothes. In other words not unique, but rare is part of the new cool. Without parents kids could never afford the necessities to be cool. Kids know this and they are a little envious of that power, giving the desire to be able to do it themselves. Any kid has had the wish to be a little bit older, but while wanting to be an adult kids are quite anti-adult. The desire to have th...

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... is speaking on. “A senior executive explained their stance: “ The whole premise of our company was founded on serving kids”…”(223) Schor also provides studies such as the study of video game which showed “Nintendo ads… often construct the gamer as under siege by the adultified world while promising the young male gamers ‘empowerment’ and ‘control’ in and unlimited world” (Kline and de Pueter, p. 265).
Even though the article was composed in a rather informative way, Schor gives the necessary information for one to realise the affect the marketing of the new cool can have on kids. Her reason for writing this article was to educate the reader on this matter, leaving the opinion to the reader without giving her own in an obvious way. Schor made it clear she did the research and new the facts with her reliable sources so that we know it is not just mere speculation.

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