Article Analysis : ' Codes Of Gender ' Essay

Article Analysis : ' Codes Of Gender ' Essay

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Analyzing gender roles in magazine article I chose three different magazines to analyzed the first one a news magazine called Time, second a women’s magazine Marie Claire, and third a magazine for geared for men it was Men’s health. While analyzing these magazines I then compared it with the documentary fill I saw called “Codes of Gender” by Sut Jhally. Examining what types of ads does each of the magazines have and what pattern of ads are they putting out? How do this magazine advertisement compare with the documentary “Codes of Gender”? Even though you see gender issued change over time, what are the roles that women have in advertisement and how do we see the role of men portrayed in different advertisements.
The documentary “Codes of Gender” by Sut Jhally talks about how men and women are taught to look or act and they don’t conform or if they deviate from this cultural norm then they are simply not accepted or are ridiculed. This notion of gender roles is reinforced in our society through the media, specifically advertisements as pointed out by Sut Jhally. These advertisements place unnatural poses and models in awkward that reinforce gender roles as well as portray the dominant and subordinate relationship between men and women. Some of the most interesting points made concern the relationships and differences between codes of femininity and masculinity in ads (and society at large). Sut Jhally also suggests that a good way to reveal these differences and down fall of our cultural expectations is to try a simple experiment: imagine switching exactly the figure of a male model for a female one in most ads.
In the documentary, Sut Jhally talk about some important issues Erving Goffman’s book titled Gender Advertisements...

... middle of paper ...

...out there and think that being thin is the way to be. But what really is important is just to look at all these ads and understand that it’s not how it really is in real life. It’s important to be yourself and not try to look like the girls in the magazine who are all photoshopped, even they are not really that perfect. Men and women are still portrayed different where women are still seen in that suberviant role, men still are in that higher roll of being more superior and stronger then us women. Times are changing and women are not taking a lead role in families and also becoming equal to men, maybe it’s time that the advertisement start to show women in those type of roles. We as women are more powerful and we are beautiful in all sizes and shapes. It’s important for us to so the younger men and women that they too can be something and have a more important role.

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