Article Analisis: Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About by Melissa McEwan

Article Analisis: Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About by Melissa McEwan

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Feminism is more than a word, more than an individual, and more than an identity. In the words of Tavi Gevinson, editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag, an online feminist magazine for teen girls, feminism is a discussion, a conversation, and a process. It’s not a set of rules and restrictions, and it’s certainly not an attack targeted on men, but it is a fight, and it’s a long one. Over time, various connotations surrounding the word “feminist” have developed to form an image of angry, misandrist, bra-burning women who shouldn’t be taken seriously as thinkers and agents of social change. A dismissal of feminism that I hear often seems to be that feminists are just looking for things to be angry about, seeking out reasons to complain so we feel like we have a cause, and we need to “calm down.” A lot of people, including a large population on our campus, think that we as a society are “post-gender” — gender inequality is over, and no one treats anyone differently due to their gender identity. These people don’t see why we need feminism because they have a very narrow understanding of what feminism is. While the idea of a post-gender society sounds nice and utopian, going through life, and your education, with that mindset is corrosive, selecting ignorance and complacency at the expense of everyone (not just women, but everyone). Writing off the feminist movement as unnecessary is just a way to silence challenging opinions because no one wants to questions their own values.

As Melissa McEwan wrote in her article Feminsm 101: “Feminists Look for Stuff to Get Mad About”: “the idea that addressing “the little things,” like being told to smile or misogynistic t-shirts, somehow demeans feminism or distracts from “real” or “serious” sexism is utt...

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...en you call a woman “bossy” or a “bitch” for being demanding and in charge in a way that you’d consider normal for a man, when you’re offput by the strength and security in a woman’s tone that would otherwise be normal on a man, when you assert that women don’t strive for leadership positions because they are naturally more self-conscious than men, you are keeping the gap in wages in place. You are preventing women from reaching their goals. You are causing the self-consciousness that prevents women from going for what they want, and what they deserve. Women are not born that way; we are all just made to think that way by the microaggressions we experience growing up. Every forum, every discussion, is a step toward figuring out what to do about these problems, and eradicating them. Every time someone speaks up and challenges someone else’s ignorance, it’s progress.

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