The Article ' Achievement Among Second Grade Students ' Essay

The Article ' Achievement Among Second Grade Students ' Essay

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In the article “Achievement among second grade students...” research is conducted in order to evaluate if students are effected academically by their teachers training. The training that is incorporated in this research is choice theory/reality therapy training. The purpose of the article was to determine specifically if students had better achievement scores in mathematics and reading if they were taught by a teacher who participated in CT/RT training, versus those who were taught by teachers who were not trained. The research was conducted analyzing the scores of 83 second grade students. The students were used to compare achievement from those who were taught by a CT/RT trained teacher and those who were taught by a teacher who was not trained at all. In the article, it is explained that the CT/RT training used in this research “was designed to educate the teachers about how they can encourage students to have their needs fulfilled in a positive manner.” (Hale, Maola, 2011, p.2)
The 83 second grade students used in the research are from a “small rural district in Pennsylvania” (Hale, Maola, 2011, p.4). The students consisted of 39 females and 44 males. Three of the second grade teachers were not CT/RT trained and two of the teachers were CT/RT trained. The research only compared whether a teacher was trained or not trained in CT/RT, it did not take into account if they implemented their training in the classrooms. So the study was straight forward and that helped achieve the results quicker. Although they did include comparing results by separating genders, so that other results could be achieved. The achievement test used in this research is the Terranova Third Edition Multiple Assessments test (Hale, Maola, 2011, p.4). This t...

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...ation provided in the article promotes the idea that although teachers are trained in choice theory/reality therapy it does not have an effect on student achievement scores. Furthermore future research should focus on if the teachers actually use what they learned in CT/RT training in their classes. It could be possible that the teachers do not incorporate their training into class, and that could explain the results. Knowledge in this area could be expanded by looking at other schools. This article focuses on a study made in a small rural school, which results smaller data collected. If research is done over a larger school that has more students there will be more too learn about. More data will be collected and more information will be provided, and that results in more knowledge in the topic of the relationship between student’s achievement and teacher training.

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