Arthur Boyd And His Artistic Abilities Essay

Arthur Boyd And His Artistic Abilities Essay

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Arthur Boyd is a renowned Australian artist, who started to follow in his family’s footsteps and began exploring his artistic abilities from after being conscripted to World War II; until his death in 1999. Boyd worked in a wide range of mediums including paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and tapestries in ways that are highly inventive. His main influences were Australian landscapes, wartime, aboriginal rights and surrealism. Many of Boyd’s works were drawn from personal experience, symbolising human emotions, aggression against love and conveying themes around family relationships, values and religious beliefs.

Born into Australia’s leading art dynasty, Arthur Boyd had an upbringing that was heavily influenced by the practices of his relatives, all of whom were perusing artistic careers. Having adopted his family’s passion for the arts and developing his own personal style, he went on to become one of the most celebrated painters in Australian cultural history. Arthur Boyd was born in Murrumbeena, Victoria in 1920. He is naturally talented - he received no additional artistic training except for the night classed he attended for one year at the National Gallery Art School in Melbourne. He spent his weekends and holidays painting impressionist landscapes and portraits of the places and people that surrounded him. Here Boyd developed his original palette-knife technique used to produce many of his artworks. It was a technique that was to become his signature style of painting, Arthur Merric Boyd his grandfather and roll model taught this technique to him.

He was conscripted to serve in the Second World War from 1941-1944. As a pacifist who grew up in a highly creative environment, this proved to be a challenging time, wh...

... middle of paper ...

... and serialism. Influenced by the society of the time, his paintings depict personal experiences of both the worst and best of Australia. After suffering first-hand life in wartime, the painful memories were shown upon the figures he painted. The effect that the war had on Boyd’s work gave way to the style characterised as serialism. He gained notoriety as a painter for the amazing abstract Bride Series he create when seeing the makeshift conditions of the aboriginal people. These works took Boyd to the top of Australian art and hadn’t been nocked down since. He then returned to landscape painting after purchasing the Bundanoon property where inspiration surrounded him on a day-to-day basis. When he sadly passed on, he left this property available for the public to see, leaving his legacy behind to be remembered, and to also perhaps inspire any up-coming painters.

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